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Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 3: 11 to 14

We are the attackers on your caravans, causing mayhem and murder. We are controlling the resources from the quarries and mines you need to craft your equipment from. We are the skilled crafters you will spend your funds on. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are Caldera!

We are what you would call the blaze of fire,
in the eternal darkness, we are fighting, so bright,
that anyone who is in dire, would be reborn, into the light.

Jake | Caldera

We stand united in the face of adversity, to share common ideals and goals. We don’t need to look over our shoulder to know that our brethren are covering our backs, they are always there. We always aid those within our ranks, because they will return it to us tenfold.

We want to be respected and known for our actions by the entire Crowfall community - be it the craftsmanship of our crafters, the skill of our fighters, the resourcefulness of our scouts or the wisdom of our leaders. Our reputation means everything to us.

Our lands in the Eternal Kingdom will house all those who actively and tirelessly work to build castles, keeps and houses so we have a place we can call haven, perhaps and hopefully it will be yours as well.


Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 6: 13 to 21

Caldera was born in the spring of 2015. We realized quickly that playing a game like Crowfall without friends would not be fun and meaningful. The guild has been steadily growing and has become one of, if not the most active European guild in the Crowfall Pre-Alpha tests.

We know that this world will soon meet its end.
We gather our plunder, we mend all our wounds.
For we know we shall fight again soon.

Arawulf | Streamer

Our founder, officers and members have acquired a great deal of experience in different MMO's through the past decades. The extensive knowledge we gathered playing these games will be put to good use. We realize that we will make mistakes, but how and what we learn from these mistakes will determine the difference between failure and success.

We are actively seeking members who are able to playtest Crowfall. This restriction in our recruitment process has payed off in a big way since Caldera has shown strength and perseverance throughout all the different testing phases like the Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous. A course we will continue to follow.




Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 2: 4 to 11

We are a determined ‘Murder of Crows’ and we will always work hard, to fulfill our objectives and enjoy our gaming experience together. It’s with this in mind that we always perform to the best of our abilities and will actively encourage others to do the same.

Is the Hunger granting Life or Death?
Such questioning hides behind our eternal stance,
puppet of no gods, Destiny is our dance.

Eaden | Caldera

We don't have a sole ambition which we are trying to achieve. We will focus on all aspects of Crowfall, from intrigues in the political landscape, to downright plundering a caravan or trading and bartering for goods. Our objectives will change from campaign to campaign in order to adapt and overcome the events that unfold in front of us.

Our victories will be not defined by the actions of the individual, but as Caldera as a whole. Our standpoint is that every member should contribute to the best of their ability, regardless of skill, experience or commitments. We like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable as possible. Our rules and guidelines reflect our view on what is morally and socially acceptable behavior.

We accept new and experienced players - as long as you’re willing to learn, help others within the guild, work as part of a team and accept constructive criticism. If you are interested in joining Caldera on its journey in Crowfall, fill in our recruitment form.