Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 15: 6 to 14

Caldera will remain relatively small and will have a relatively flat organizational structure with only a few ranks deep. Bigger groups are just less social and become unmanageable at a certain size, although we'll seek alliances or we offer ourselves for hire while retaining our core structure if needed.

Ranks are advantageous for military operations, in particular with regards to logistics, command, and coordination. In Caldera a higher rank comes with more and bigger responsibilities, but everyone will be treated as equal and with respect.

The Council is key in making guild policy decisions and organizing activities within Crowfall so we may continue to be successful. However, we value the input of our guild members, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the Council. They are the people the Warden trusts the most and who he relies most heavily on for feedback. Council members show a particular knowledge base and willingness to share that information.

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Ultimately all final decisions are made or ratified by the guild leader. Feedback presented by all members in a respectful manner is read, listened to and considered. It plays a large part in the decision making process.

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This officer is second in command. If a decision has to be made when the Warden is not available, (s)he will make it. The Elder helps managing the day-to-day activities, administration, maintenance and logistics.

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The Senior Officers are part of the Council and report to the Warden. They also help maintain and manage Caldera. They're assigned by the Warden and are not elected by our guild members.


Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 16: 17 to 21

We've structured Caldera into three divisions to provide our members a solid foundation to accommodate their different play styles and preferred activities in Crowfall. Each division comes with their own set of rank names, although the structure remains the same. We aim to be a great place to achieve all your in-game goals.


The fighting force who will give us their blood, sweat and tears to achieve victories on the battlefield.


The brains of the guild. They will provide us with knowledge from the worlds of Crowfall and maintain communications in- and outside the guild.


The backbone of Caldera. This division will provide us with supplies and doing the hard work behind the scenes.

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Our tactician on the battlefield. This officer manages our members in the Military division on a day to day basis and is also integral in the feedback process for overall strategy. When the fighting starts, everybody listens.

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This officer is maybe the most important member of Caldera. He functions as a recruiter, gives advice and feedback on activities within Crowfall and also maintain relationships with fellow players and guilds at the same time.

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An army marches on its stomach. Management of resources, armor, weapons and other things is vital for our survival. The importance of our guild being well-provisioned falls on the shoulder of this officer.

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This veteran has complete control of his group and takes care of the well-being of his Soldiers. The Lieutenant is also someone to look up to, a military ideal that troops under his command can learn from.

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This member is identified as having attained a specific level of knowledge, skill, or expertise relevant to the Intelligence division. If you ask the Adept about his duties, he will have to kill you.

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This frontline supervisor makes sure the supplies arrive where they're needed most. The Foreman oversees all aspects of the skilled trades and crafts within his crew.

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Our fighters on the battlefield who are enlisted in our Military division. You can execute commands given by your superiors and you're a team player. The Soldier is a skilled and experienced member of Caldera.

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These members love to explore the worlds of Crowfall. They love to be sent out ahead of our main force to (secretly) gather information about the enemy's position, strength, or movements.

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The craftsmen of Caldera are skilled in their trade and love to get involved making high-quality things by hand. They make sure to provide us with all the weapons, armor and tools we need to win.


Caldera Chronicles, Chapter 16: 23 to 26

The Trial is a temporary membership of the guild and new recruits receive the rank Novice. During this period, the Novice is expected to try to fit in and determine what role he/she is going to play in Caldera. The Trial has no set timeframe and could be extended at the discretion of the Council.

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These players are still new and inexperienced. They will still need to adjust to the way Caldera functions and still have to prove they have the skills we want and need. After they have passed their trial they'll need to pick their path in the guild.